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MEET FANS is the first meet & greet app!

We give Celebrities the tools to create experiences for fans in a secure way and get paid for it!

For example, 

If you are a basketball player, invite 50 fans for a game of basketball and use MEET FANS as your identity, booking and payment system.
STEP 1. 

You "the Celebrity" or Manager register for free. 

STEP 2. 

Login to create your own MEET FANS Profile page. For example,


STEP 3. 

Post live Meet & Greet dates with bespoke experiences you will organise and invite fans to join you.

For example,



Promote your meet up across your social media pages! For example,

Who wants to TRAIN with me? Make a booking at 



Fans will visit your MEET FANS page, make a booking and you'll receive a new booking notification via email.

STEP 6. 

Attend the meet up, complete the Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) with fans for A/ ID purposes, B/ Record proof of meet up and C/ Collect your Celebrity fee.


Post a list of experiences you will organise for fans! Eg Game of tennis (which you will organise after receiving a booking, which you can either accept, change or cancel.

Examples include, 


TIP. We recommmend being fan friendly with your group Meet & Greet dates and charge a higher rate for Experiences because they are for private bookings.

Win Win!

MEET FANS is 100% free for Celebrities.

Note: Fans pay the MEET FANS Connection fee to make a booking and pay your Celebrity fee at the meet up.

For example,

If you enter your Celebrity fee $300 per fan, fans will pay the MEET FANS Connection fee $9.95 to make a booking and pay $300 direct to you or your support person at the meet up.

For example, 

- MEET FANS Connection fee $9.95 (Fan pays to make a booking) 
- Celebrity fee $300 (Fan pays you or your support person direct at the meet up)
- Total (Paid by fan) $309.95 USD 

Result. You "the Celebrity" receive 100% of your money! Control Your Own Money! CYOM 100%

Your MEET FANS page is your Celebrity profile page with your own page address where you can post and promote live Meet & Greet dates and information for group meet ups. Plus youve got a Shop More Experiences section for private booking which you would organise for fans after receiving a booking. Eg you might say you are available for a Training Session.

Example page..

TIP. Display the following text link on your Linktree 





Who wants to TRAIN with me? Book here

This page is designed for you to create, promote and receive bookings for live Meet & Greet dates.

For example,

1. Post a live Meet & Greet date on your MEET FANS page

Login > Post Meet & Greet > Meet Me For TRAINING SESSION (or enter something different), description, price per fan (from free to any amount), Country, State and Suburb.

Note: You have the option to NOT display the Street Address publicy until after a fan has made a booking OR display a note to let fans know when you will email them the full address (which you can send up to 90 minutes before the meet up (no longer than a 15 minute drive of the original Suburb). Plus you can display multiple meet up dates, times, duration of each meet up, maximum number of fans and more.

2. Promote your MEET FANS page across your social media! For example,

Who wants to TRAIN with me? Make a booking at..

3. Fans will visit your MEET FANS page, select one of your meet ups, make a booking and you will receive a new booking notification via email.

Example meet ups include ..

Game of golf, 1 Hour training session, House tour, Coffee with fans, Breakfast Lunch or Dinner with fans, Shopping experience, A day in the life, Supercar ride, Tennis game, Shoot some hoops, Cricket clinic, Cooking lesson, Anything lesson! Wine tasting, New product launch, Bike ride, Business session and more. 

Tip for MAX results.

Create live Meet & Greet dates (with fan friendly prices) when you're at home and when travelling and use it to ..

A/ Generate additional income.

B/ Create amazing social media content fans will connect with.

C/ Raise money for charity and for fans..

Make the impossible, possible.

Plus every Meet & Greet date "will indirectly promote your Experiences (for 1-on-1 private bookings)"( where you can post a list of Experiences you will organise for fans after receiving a booking. For example, Training Session (which you can either accept, change or cancel after receiving a booking (and charge your full Celebrity fee! 

For example,

A day in the life (which you would organise for fans after receiving a booking), $XXXXXX

Great idea!


This page is designed to help you maximise your earnings by offering 1 on 1 experiences you will organise for fans after receiving a booking.

For example,

Shop More Experiences (1 - on 1) > MEET ME FOR > Training Session $300, Game of Golf $1500, Business Coaching $750

Fans will visit your page, select one of your experiences and make a booking "with a request date and time" which you will receivin via email which you can either accept, change or cancel. And if you accept, simply click the link in your email to accept the booking and the fan will be notified (then login to your Celebrity admin to email the fan the Meet Up Address (which you can choose to send up to 90 minutes before the meet up) and the fan will pay you or your support person direct in CASH or by Credit card at the meet up.

TIP. Add your MEET FANS page to your Linktree and wait for bookings to arrive in your inbox! For example, 

Who wants to TRAIN with me?


Its up to you "the Celebrity", for example,


Create a free meet up periodically for fans and take Photos and Video at the meet up and post it across your social media!

Result: Create amazing social media content fans will connect with and indirectly promote your "Shop More Experiences 1 - on - 1" page for private bookings (which fans will see when they visit your MEET FANS page) where you can post a list of Experiences you will organise for fans after receiving a booking and charge your full Celebrity fee! 

For example, post the following and wait for bookings to arrive in your inbox.

Shop More Experiences > MEET ME FOR > Training Session $1000, Game of Golf $3000, Business Coaching $1500


For example,

Ceate a live Meet & Greet > Dinner with Fans and charge the cover cost per fan Eg $50 + Add your Celebrity fee on top! For example, charge $750 per fan x 2 hour dinner x 50 fans! TIP. Organise a meet up at your local restaurant, at home and when travelling. Plus, when you promote your Meet & Greet > Dinner with Fans it will indirectly promote your "Shop More Experiences 1 - on - 1" page which you will organise after receiving a booking. 


Create live Meet & Greet dates and donate X percent of your fees to charity!

Result. Create amazing social media content, raise money for charity and for fans make the impossible, possible.

Plus it will indirectly promote your Shop More Experiences 1 - on - 1 page.


Need ideas? DM us on Instagram & Twitter

Fans pay you or your support person direct at the meet up. 

How it works.

Fans make a booking and pay the MEET FANS Connection fee upfront to make a booking and pay the Celebrity fee at the meet up, which means you "the Celebrity" receive 100% of your money. 

Option 1. CASH at the meet up

Fan pays the MEET FANS Connection fee to make a booking and pays the Celebrity fee in CASH direct to you or your support person at the start of your meet up.

For example, 

- MEET FANS Connection fee $9.95 (Fan pays to make a booking)
- Celebrity fee $300 (Fan pays CASH at the meet up)
- Total (Paid by fan) $309.95 USD

Result. Fan pays you or your support person $300 CASH at the start of your meet up and you receive 100% of your money.

TIP Incorporate CASH payments in to your Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check)

Option 2. CASH or Credit card at the meet up

Fan pays the MEET FANS Connection fee to make a booking and pays the Celebrity fee in CASH or Credit card direct to you or your support person at the start of your meet up.

Note: We recommend Pay Now for Stripe for easy mobile credit card payments. 

For example, 

- MEET FANS Connection fee $9.95 (Fan pays to make a booking)
- Celebrity fee $300 (Fan pays CASH or Credit card at the meet up)
- Total (Paid by fan) $309.95 USD

Result. Fan pays you or your support person direct $300 CASH or Credit card at the start of your meet up.


CYOM! Control Your Own Money 100%

CYOM! is a type of book now pay later system commonly used by booking.com and other online hotel booking platforms and was developed by MEET FANS so you "the Celebrity" do not have to pay any commission, app store or promoter fees and receive 100% of your money.

Pay Now for Stripe.

It's a simple one screen mobile payment app!

Note: Pay Now for Stripe is a Stripe Verified Partner and can be used in conjunction with your main Stripe account (which you will need to create) for charging fan credit cards on your mobile phone at meet ups.

Step 1

Download Pay Now for Stripe at the Apple or Google Play Store.

Step 2

Open your Pay Now App, create a PIN, enter USD for the Currency, your Email address (and Save Settings).

Step 3

Tap "Connect with Stripe" and sign up for a Stripe account or connect to your existing account.

The Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) is designed to help you identify fans at the start of your meet up and protect against credit card chargebacks.

Note: It is important to complete the Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) with the "Contact fan or gift recipient at meet up" at the start of your meet up. 

How it works,

Login > Manage Meet Ups > View Bookings > Start Meet Up 

STEP 1. Ask the Contact fan or gift recipient to show their Photo Identification (matching the Fan name on the booking).

STEP 2. Ask the Contact fan or gift recipient to sign their Digital Signature and Print their name in the field provided for proof of attendance.

STEP 3. Take a Photo with you the Celebrity and fan in the same photo (using your Phone and Vice versa) and upload it.


Tip. Bring a stylus pen.
Next (For payment). Ask the fan for the Celebrity fee displayed on the Booking Details page (and select Paid to keep a record of your payments).

Estimated time. 90 seconds


Yes. And you will be asked to enter one of the below options when posting a meet up.

For example,

Option 1. Show fans the full Address after they have made a booking or 2. Display a message explaining when you will email fans the full address.  

For example,

When posting a meet up you must display the "Country, State and Suburb" and have the option to either show the full Address to fans after they have made a booking OR display a message explaining when you will email fans the full Address.

For example,

BOOKING DETAILS (Shown to fans after they have made a booking)




Meet Up Address
Display the meet up address here after a fan has made a booking OR a message explaining when you will email fans the full address.

For example,

Hi, I will email you the full address details no later than 24 hours before the meet up! Cheers, Celebrity name

Note. You have the option to change the address up to 90 minutes before the meet up. See below.


Change of address 

You "the Celebrity" have the option to change the Address up to 90 minutes before the meet up (to a nearby location and within a 15 minute drive of the original Meet Up Suburb (by simply logging in and sending an email to ALL fans with a booking). Note: We ask fans to check their email within 90 minutes of the meet up for an address change notification, and if there is nothing simply go to the existing address as previously planned.

To email fans > Login > Manage Meet Ups > View Bookings > Email



You can change the Address up to 90 minutes before the meet up to a nearby location and within a 15 minute drive of the original suburb.

Go to Celebrity login > Manage > Meet ups > View Bookings > Email All Fans

Note. For privacy, hire a bus and transport fans to the new address (which you must explain to fans of your intention to do this in your meet up Description).

Max # fans 1 to 100.

Note. MEET FANS has been designed for smaller groups so you can organise and control your own meet ups!

For example,

MEET ME FOR Training session (10), Dinner with fans (25), Cricket clinic (50), Basketball camp (75), Party at the chateau (100).

TIP. Ask fans to arrive a certain amount of time before the meet up to complete to complete the Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) with you or your support person to A/ Identify fans, B/ Fan signature for attendance, C/ Take a photo with the fan, D/ Collect the Celebrity fee (and select PAID next to the Fan booking for your records). Estimated time 90 seconds.

Yes. We recommend bringing security and or support to help manage your meet ups.

For example,

A support person can assist with A/ Security, B/ Complete the Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) with fans, C/ Take a photo with you "the Celebrity" and fan and upload it (as proof of meet up and part of the Meet & Greet process), D, Collect payment from fans, D/ Take photos and video for social media content and E/ Manage your overall meet up plan.

TIP. If you dont have security, we receommend bringing a friend for support and always use de escalation tactics if the need arises as opposed to any type of aggressive, winner take all appproach.


1. To cancel an individual booking. 

Login > Manage Meet ups > View Bookings > Change Fan Status to: Cancel

2. To cancel a meet up.

Login > Manage Meet ups > Change Status to: Cancel

This would only occur on a rare occasion but if it does, you will receive an email notification with the Booking ID of the fans who have been canceled which will display in your Celebrity admin (and your MEET FANS Profile page "NUMBER OF FANS" will automatically reset for you to receive replacement bookings (providing it was an individual booking canceled and not the whole meet up).

We give you the following free tools to help organise and formalise meet ups with fans!

For example,


MEET FANS is a FREE fan ID checker!

Fans must complete a Multi Step Fan ID Check when registering and making a booking (includes manual and automatic identification checks) and are required to present the same matching Government Photo ID (used at time of registration) at the start of all meet ups which you can cross check in your Start Meet Up 3 Step ID Check (or the nominated Gift recipient entered on the Booking Details page must present Photo ID at the meet up). Plus we recommend you take a photo with the fan who made the booking (or the nominated Gift recipient) and upload it to your secure admin "Start Meet Up" section to save as proof of meet up along with their digital signature (to help prevent and protect against any fraudulant refund claims (made by fans claiming they did not meet you). 


MEET FANS is a FREE booking and promotion page!

For example,

Create a profile page with your own custom page address, photos, social media links, meet & greet dates, set the maximum number of fans per meet up, location, duration, price, charity and more! Plus you can post a list of your available Experiences (eg Game of Golf) and receive bookings with a request date and time which you can either accept, change or cancel. 


Control Your Own Money! CYOM

When posting a meet up, you can choose your preferred payment method (CASH or Credit card) to receive payment direct from fans at the meet up.

This unique and easy to use Control Your Own Money! payment system was developed by MEET FANS so you do not have to pay any commission, app store or promoter fees and have the option to receive cash at meet up.


MEET FANS is a FREE fan email system!

For example,

Login to your MEET FANS secure admin area to email fans individually or by group email.

This is especially useful if you decide to send fans the meet up address at a later time after making a booking (for security and privacy purposes (or if you decide to change the meet up address up to 90 minutes before the meet up time.

Why wouldn't yoy use MEET FANS?


You can choose your own MEET FANS page address and different design options.

For example,


What do you like to do? Invite fans to join you.

For example,

Do you play basketball? Invite 50 fans for a Basketball clinic and charge X amount per fan.

Do you train? Invite fans for a Group training session and take photos and video for amazing social media content.

Do you own supercars? Invite fans for a supercar ride in their favorite car.

Do you play cricket? Invite 100 fans for a hit in the nets and donate your Celebrity fee to charity.

Are you having a party? Invite 50 fans and charge X amount per fan. 

More ideas include; Dinner with fans at your local restaurant and when travelling! Plus you could invite fans to join you on a Shopping tour (Kim Kardashian style) or Spend a day in the life (Ideal for social media stars) or invite fans for a 1 hour training session (great for Fitness influencers), Supercar ride (The Hamilton Collection), Game of tennis (Roger), Shoot some hoops (MJ), Party at the chateau (Snoop), Preview an upcoming album (Taylor Swift already does this, awesome!), Hold a business session (Gary Vee), Makeup class (Rhianna did this with her brand Fenti when it first launched), Cooking lesson (Hey Gordon, Book a restaurant), Martial arts class (Jon Jones could invite 20 fans for a training session at 3pm, 4pm and 5pm and charge X amount per fan)! Plus meet ups with fans are ideal for promoting a new product or service. For example, Dana White could do a Meet & Greet tour to promote his new Howler Head Whiskey and use MEET FANS as his identity and booking system.

TIP. Ask, what do you like to do? Invite fans to join you and make the impossible, possible.

Need ideas? DM us on Instagram or Twitter @meetfansapp

It is up to you and your Manager but we encourage Managers and Agents to help organise and manage your meet ups.

For example,

Managers can help create your MEET FANS page, organise and post a meet up, hire security and support staff, complete the Start Meet Up (3 Step ID Check) with the Contact fan or gift recipient at meet up, collect payment from fans and manage the overall meet up plan. 


There are a variety of tools to record and manage your meet up history. For example,

Login > Meet & Greet > Manage Meet Ups > View Bookings 

And for Completed meet ups, the Total # fans and Celebrity fees can be found at, 

Login > Meet & Greet > Completed meet ups

If you are an investor and or Celebrity and want to meet fans and own a share of it, please DM us from your official Instagram account.